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[Inspiration] Wendy got invited to tea by Julianne Moore


I want to share an inspiring story I came across recently that made a huge impression on me.

It’s a story of unbelievable courage which proves that it’s not what happens that matters, it’s how you deal with it that truly matters.

Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. It’s steadily robbed her of her brilliant memory, but thankfully, not her ability to write down her thoughts.

This was Wendy’s reaction to her diagnosis:

“I was determined to choose a positive path. It signalled the loss of me… but, more importantly, it signalled the birth of the new me, a new chance. I feel I’ve gained more than I lost.”

Wendy has created and embraced countless new opportunities including becoming part of committees and research groups, speaking all over the country to influence change to help other dementia sufferers. And Julianne Moore invited her to tea before the premier of Still Alice, in which  she played the role of a woman who develops early Alzheimers.

Wendy wrote: “None of these wonderful opportunities would have entered the radar of the very private me pre-diagnosis – I’m not sure I would have had the courage. Every day we make decisions about the ways we live our lives, and that decision – be it small or large- can be the difference between what makes you and what breaks you when faced with the challenges that come our way.

Wendy had a choice. She chose that dementia wasn’t going to limit her. Instead, she purposefully chose to expand her mindset to live her life on her terms, inspite of all the daily challenges and setbacks.

Living your life with deliberate intent no matter what is going on in your life takes extraordinary inner power and focus.  Fortunately, we all have these in bucketfuls. 

Are you using your extraordinary inner power and focus to deliberately create and embrace incredible new opportunities so you can live with purpose and passion? 

Or are you like a wind being tossed around like a leaf, reacting haphazardly to whatever is going on around you, feeling out of control and overwhelmed?

It’s your choice. Make it count.

To your magnificence,

Nina x


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