Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

I got stuck at this income

When I worked at Time life books, back in the late 80s and 90s, I reached the giddy height of being a senior product manager.

My salary was £25k.

That number stuck in my head for a very long time.

It became the income glass ceiling I had innocently set for myself.

I believed I couldn’t earn any more than that.

It kept me stuck for a long time, and I sabotaged several opportunities to earn more, because deep down, I didn’t feel I deserved any more.

A higher income felt completely out of my reach.

Nobody ever told me I couldn’t make any more than £25k.

It was a belief I had created in my head.

The only thing holding me back was ME.

It was only when I identified and dissolved the EXACT limiting beliefs I had around money that I was able to take my income to multi-6 figures, and attract wealth from unexpected sources.

What is your income ceiling that you’ve stuck yourself at?

If you’re ready to break through it, watch this 2-minute video.



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