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I Agree With Jennifer Aniston About This

Hi Reader,

I’m not a fan of Jennifer Aniston, or anything like that, but I recently read something she said, and thought, “You are so right.”

Jennifer fell out with her mother when her mother gave a television interview about their relationship.

This is what Jennifer said:

“As adults, we can’t carry on blaming our parents”. 

finger point

Are you still blaming your parents for what life’s dishing out to you? Do you blame them for your lack of confidence, for never getting a break, for feeling you don’t fit in, and so on?

Me too.

I grew up thinking I was inferior to everyone else, I wasn’t worth listening to, that there was something wrong with me.

So I created a survival strategy to get through life:

The more I could hide away, the less chance people would find out how flawed I was.

What a great strategy, hey?

And guess who I blamed for all this?

My parents.

It was their fault I felt like this because of the childhood they’d given me.

Then the penny dropped. 

Nothing they’d done was making me feel I wasn’t as good as others.

I was feeling like that because of my THINKING. From the MEANINGS I’d created around my childhood memories. Eg. all those times my Mum didn’t listen to what I was saying when I was growing up… meant I wasn’t worth listening to.

With a mind-blowing clarity, I saw my feelings of worthlessness had NOTHING to do with my parents. They had EVERYTHING  to do with my thinking and the meanings I was innocently creating around events that had happened in my life. 


This led me to make a life-changing decision that has changed EVERYTHING for me.

I decided to take 100% responsibility for how I felt about myself because my feelings were being created 100% by me, by my thinking.

I took responsibility WITHOUT blaming myself.

No more blaming anyone including myself. Ever. Again.

Now I don’t waste headspace blaming my parents for what’s showing up in my life. They did the best they could, given their thinking. 

With all that extra headspace, I get to focus on myself, on my personal growth, just by clearing out made-up meanings that were keeping me stuck.

How about you?

What do you blame your parents for?

Or are you ready to free up lots of headspace by taking 100% responsibility for your feelings and everything that’s going on in your life?

It’s your choice.


Nina x


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