Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

My Mum didn’t think I was good enough

As a child, I was convinced I wasn’t good enough.

That was why, in my head, my Mum loved my sister and brother more than me.

That made sense because she could see I wasn’t good enough.

I held back a big part of myself in relationships and friendships because I didn’t want people to see that there was something wrong with me.

I desperately wanted to be liked because it meant that others hadn’t spotted that flawed part of me.

All of this meant that I lived a very small life, it impacted every corner of my world.

I had decided I wasn’t worthy of sitting at the big table and enjoying the feast, all I was allowed were a few crumbs of happiness.

The cause of all of this was the belief that I wasn’t good enough which I had made up in my own head.

I was living my life as if this was the truth about me.

What I didn’t realize is this:

No one gets to decide if I’m good enough. I’m the only one who ever gets to make that decision.

Everything changed when I became aware that this limiting belief wasn’t the truth about me – and I took life-changing steps to dissolve this and other sabotaging beliefs and replace them with new, empowering truths about me, who I am and what I was capable of.

If you suspect that you have Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back, watch this 2-minute video so you can start to step into the truth of who you really are and fully live the life you deserve to live. 

To your magnificent success,


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