Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

Chasing the day or leading it?

How do you start your day?

With a cup of coffee?

Scroll through Facebook?

Do household chores?

Does this energise you to work through your To-do list?

Or do you drag yourself to your desk dreading whatever is going to be thrown at you that day?

There is another way to start your day.

You could choose a powerful action, eg. journal, mediate, visualise, say Thank you for 3 things.

This will set you up to have productive days, every day.

The cumulative effect of creating a Daily Mindset Practice will build day by day, generating new positive thoughts and feelings that have amplified benefits.

It sounds too simple to work.

But it does.

I have a Daily Mindset Practice and it’s been a big part of my growing success.

Imagine being able to lead your day with calmness, clarity and focus, no matter what comes your way.

Watch this short video to get the motivation to start your own Daily Mindset Practice.

And you can still have your coffee first thing.

To your magnificent success,

Nina x

P.S. How do you set yourself up to have a successful day? Hit reply and let me know.




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