Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

Big Fat Lies That Fry your Brain

big fat lies

Big Fat Lies are truly dangerous.

Especially when you believe them.

They can stifle you and your business and keep you feeling stuck, scared and insecure.

Here’s an example:

A client declines your offer to work with you 😊 The Actual Event).

You make up meanings in your head to explain why she’s turned you down:

She doesn’t like me, I’m too expensive, I’m not good enough 😊 Made Up Meanings aka Big Fat Lies).

In reality, all that happened is, she turned you down = The Actual Event.

Then you go create some made-up Meanings 😊 Big Fat Lies) in your head and add them to The Actual Event.

These Big Fat Lies seem as if they’re part of reality – they seem as real as The Actual Event itself.

This is what gives Big Fat Lies their power: you react to them as if they’re The Truth, when in fact, they are Big Fat Lies that exist only in your mind.

This is terrible news for your business.


Because when you believe your Big Fat Lies, you feel insecure and fearful and your mind says, “No, I’m not going to make it, it’s never going to happen for me.”

Making you feel drained, frustrated and hopeless.

Can you see why believing your Big Fat Lies is costing you big time?

So what’s the solution?

Blast away those Big Fat Lies to get to The Truth about yourself, so you can clearly see you’ve got what it takes, and you can have as much success as you want.

That’s what my Free 60-minute Business Breakthrough Session will help you to do.

The result:

A quieter mind.

Self belief.

More energy to take focused action to grow your business.

Book your Free 60-minute Business Breakthrough Session here.

Talk soon.

Nina x


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