Is Your Fear Of Being Visible Limiting Your Business Success?

Is Your Fear Of Being Visible Limiting Your Business Success?

The voice inside your head can be a truly gruesome thing.

One thing I know about it is the pain it can cause.

The symptoms can be very painful.

How so?

Well, take this client I worked with.

The “voice in her head” symptoms included the fear of being visible. She wanted to stay behind her computer and hide. And the pain became so bad it was killing her spirit and ruining her chances of breaking through to the next income level.

And that was just the beginning.

She had other problems too.

She was terrified of what people thought of her: who did she think she was pretending to be an expert?

What if people found out she wasn’t any good? Then they would judge, criticize and lose respect for her.

This all seemed terribly risky. So she decided it was better to continue to play small and stay safe.

In the meantime, she felt very frustrated and beat herself up for being a failure. Especially when she saw her peer group doing well.

But she was too scared to change.

Because the voice in her head was saying: “I’m not good enough.” “I’m a fraud.” “It’s not safe to be visible.”

As you can see, her pain was intolerable.

During our 1:1 sessions, the voice in her head changed so it began to sound like this: “I am good enough.” “I’m adequate.” “It’s safe to be visible.”

Can you imagine the difference this made to the pain in her life? And to her income?

The point?

“The voice in your head” symptoms are stopping you from breaking through your income ceiling to get to the next level of your business success.

And when you release these painful symptoms, wow, that’s when the magic starts! I’d love to know what you think.

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Nina x