Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

How you can overcome imposter syndrome?

Do you worry that you can’t live up to your clients’ expectations?

That you won’t be able to deliver the result that you promised them and they’re paying you for?

And then you’ll be exposed and humiliated for “not being good enough”.

You’ll feel like a fraud.

Can you see how this “story” is hurting your business?

Watch this 3-minute video to find out how you can overcome Imposter Syndrome once and for all and confidently step into your expert status.


How To Stop Taking Things Personally

How To Stop Taking Things Personally

  Here’s how to know if you take things personally: You don’t take action on a sales call, a product launch, avoid networking because you’re scared that people don’t want what you have and they’ll reject you You hide under the radar because you fear judgment and...

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