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Your business will grow when you upgrade your mindset…


Have you ever had a great idea about a smart strategy you could do that will grow your business? Maybe the idea is to record a video or reach out to a high level business owner for a partnership.

And then you think, “Oh no, there’s no way I can do that!”

There’s more going on beneath the surface of your awareness. Debilitating thoughts like “What if people don’t like it?  I’ll be publicly humiliated!”

Then you tell yourself, “I’m not going to do it. It’s not that important. I’ll do it someday, but not today.”

And your business doesn’t grow…

Ever been there, done that?

What you’re experiencing is the fear of being rejected. It feels humiliating and painful.

You may even feel like a fraud, scared you’re going to get found out one day that you’re not really very good at what you do. 

Where do these fears come from?

Not from prospects. Not even the prospects who say No to working with you. 

These fears don’t come from the more successful business owner who may reject your connection request.

And they don’t come from hurtful comments you might receive to your blog post.

No, none of your fears come from the outside world, from people and events.

They come from within you.

You’ve innocently made them up and you believe they’re real and true. In fact, you’ve got stacks of evidence to prove they’re true about you.

And you’re living your life accordingly, getting great business building ideas and then rejecting them.

If this strategy is working for you and making you feel happy and fulfilled, then great, you’re on the right track.

However, If you thinking, “I can’t keep doing this, I’m just not happy, I’ve got to find a way through this”, then try this instead… 

When you’re dragging yourself to your desk, dreading the day ahead, convinced nothing you do is going to work, say these magic words:

“It’s just my thinking making me feel like this, it’s not real, it’s not true, I made this stuff up in my head.”

This will immediately stop the negative chatter and put you back into your default state of wellbeing. Because you’re glimpsing the truth of who you really are. It will become clear that your fears… are just stories that you innocently made up in your head. 

Try it, it’s super simple, it’s super quick and it works, I do it all the time and it snaps me back into calmness and focus to get on and do stuff without the fear kicking in and stopping me in my tracks.

Let me know how you get on. I read every response 🙂

If you want to find out which fears are stopping you from playing full out (they can be removed permanently!), and you’d like to create more passion and purpose, then let’s schedule a time to talk.


Nina x


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