Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

Stop fearing your next launch in your business will fail.

You don’t really know what kind of results your next launch (or any marketing strategy you’re working on) will bring.

It almost seems like a roll of the dice, doesn’t it? It could be crickets, or a nice resounding Ka-Ching!

There IS a way to predict your results.

Try this…

Imagine that you’re about to launch a new programme.

What comes up for you?

Do you feel stressed because the last time you launched, you didn’t get the numbers you wanted?

If so, you’re experiencing scarcity-based thinking. This can easily sabotage your launch…

Abundance-based thinking will get you better results.

Watch this short video to make sure you’re thinking abundantly so your next launch will bring you as many clients as possible.

To your magnificence,

Nina x


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