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How To Stop Fearing Your Competition

Do you waste a lot of time worrying that your competition is better than you?

Do they have more clients?

Are they better at writing persuasive copy?

Do they know more than you?

When I was running my previous business, a personal shopping business, I used to torture myself by scrolling through my main competitor’s website. She was a personal shopper who happened to have a TV show.

How unfair was that!

I believed she was way out of my league.


I’d feel sick to the stomach when I looked at her glossy, slick website, scrolled through her high end packages, her never-ending list of glowing testimonials.

I felt inferior to her and felt I was picking up the crumbs she dropped.

My fears and doubts made me feel like a fraud, while she seemed to be the expert.

I did a lot of personal transformational work to clear out my fears and doubts and this is what I now know to be true about the competition out there:

1. You do what you do better than anyone else because you do it in your own unique way – through your unique thinking.

2. It’s pointless comparing yourself to anyone else – it’s like comparing apples to oranges – because you are different to everyone else even if you’re offering a similar service.

3. Don’t waste your time comparing your inside to someone else’s outside. They may be putting out a vision of themselves that they’re living the perfect life… but you don’t know for sure what’s going on until you look under their bonnets.

I’ve worked with lots of multi 6 figure business owners, who on the outside look like they have it all. I’ve looked under a lot of bonnets and I can assure that you that many of them are fearful, have low self esteem and beat themselves up by comparing themselves to their competition. That’s why they work with me – because they want to eliminate their limiting beliefs to grow their profits.

So how about doing this instead?

Stop focusing on what your competition is up to.

Instead, focus on how you can be the best you can be.

On how unique your service is.

Delight in knowing that your uniqueness is what sets you apart from every single one of your competitors.

Create a powerful and courageous mindset so you know – with 100% certainty – that you are as good as everyone else.

When you do this, your fears will magically dissolve and you’ll step into the powerful, courageous YOU.

This is the way to grow your income.


Nina x


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