Entrepreneur's Inner Game Podcast with Nina Cooke

Are you an entrepreneur who dreads sales calls? This video is for you.

How do you feel about sales calls?

Do you dread them? Do they give you a sick feeling in your stomach?

Do you have anxiety and fear before the call?

It’s not the sales calls that are scaring you. It’s the limiting beliefs you’ve made up about the calls that are having a huge negative impact on your bottom line.

In this 3-minute video, you’ll learn how to remove the fear and start getting more “Yeses”. (The secret to getting more “Yeses” isn’t what you think, but I’ll reveal it in the video.)

If you’re curious about having sales calls that don’t make you sick to your stomach, then book a Mind Block Breakthrough call with me where I will demonstrate exactly how a stress-free call happens.

In the Mind Block Breakthrough call, I’ll share with you additional secrets about making sales calls that are exciting to you and result in more “Yeses”.

So book a Mind Block Breakthrough call now and let’s get started. It won’t be scary, I promise!

To your magnificent success.

Nina x

P.S. The secret in this video comes in at 48 seconds – don’t miss it!


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