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Do you see yourself in this story?


For most of my life, up to around 7 years ago, I used to fake confidence.

I hated being in the spotlight, I used to struggle to talk to people because my focus was on worrying whether they liked me or not. At work, I felt intimidated by my bosses. I felt inferior to them, therefore I couldn’t make small talk with them. My results were great. Yet, even though I was hitting my targets, I missed out on pay rises and promotions.

My colleague didn’t have this “I’m not as good as you” problem. He was super confident and chatted away with the bosses, making them laugh.

Guess who got the promotion and pay rise?

Faking confidence didn’t work because I was trying to change my behaviour using will power and sheer grit while my far more powerful subconscious mind was telling me I wasn’t good enough, that there was something wrong with me and that’s why I wasn’t getting promoted.

Have you “been there, done that?”

I was missing one key thing. Maybe you’re missing it, too

What was I missing?

Well, I didn’t know that I had to change my subconscious thinking first to create authentic confidence on the inside. In fact my confidence had been there all along, but my fears about what people thought of me, of being rejected, being judged and criticised, were covering it up.

When I stumbled upon a way of getting rid of my fears permanently, this was the driving force that connected me back to my self-worth. 

Now I’m happy being in the spotlight, putting my message out there, because I don’t worry about being judged. I’m never going to please everyone and that’s OK.

I love talking to people because my focus is on what they’re saying, and how I can serve them. It’s not on whether or not they like me.

What about you?

How’s your confidence doing?

Are you hiding your light through fear about what others think of you?

If you are, please do something about it right now. Apply for a free Business Breakthrough Session here.

We’ll discover which fears are crushing your confidence and and create a plan to remove them.  Then, with your confidence shining through, you’ll be ready to share your powerful message with the world!


Nina x


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