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SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNERS - Are you frustrated because your business could be so much more than it is, but you feel you no longer know how to get there?

Maybe your business looks successful from the outside, but you've hit a stone wall and you're not seeing the growth or progress you know you are capable of.

Worse, you see your peers making BIG progress, when you are struggling.

And you've probably even been throwing money at new team members, systems, mentors and advice – yet nothing seems to actually change

Already done the work?

Not to mention you're frustrated because you've dealt with the inner **** - you've done the personal development work, had the coaching, but something just keeps blocking you again and again.

I'm here to tell you that if you're ready to take your business to the next level... you're FINALLY in the right place.

I specialise in helping business owners who are successful but stuck, and who are starting to suspect that it's not the external or real world stuff that's getting in the way – that it might be something inside them... and they're looking for a different solution to what's already out there – something that actually works.

I help them finally enjoy the money, time and freedom they first went into business for.

Don't believe I can do it? Neither did these people...

Catherine Watkin

"Since working with Nina I can finally see that some of the things I was struggling with most were more "in me" than "out there" in the world. Even though for the longest time these issues felt very "real" and I kept bashing my head against them. It feels as if the work we did has lifted an invisible ceiling that was keeping me stuck – and now the sky is the limit."
- Catherine Watkin
Challenge: 6 figure income ceiling

Rob Goyette

"I worked with Nina in December of 2015, because my biggest problem was consistency. I’d have good months and bad months. But it was only after clearing my blocks around earning more money, that I started seeing a big change in my income. That very next month, I earned more than twice what I'd earned in any month prior to that. And the month after that, I increased my record month by another whopping 30%. I would tell anyone who feels like they should be making more money, to schedule a session with Nina ASAP!"
- Rob Goyette
Challenge: Inconsistent income flow

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