You’re giving your business everything you’ve got, and it’s still not working.

At least, not the way you want it to.

You’ve achieved some level of success and the money seems to keep trickling in.

But no matter how much you do, how many new strategies you try or team members you hire, you can’t seem to reach that sweet spot where you’re in the groove, making more than enough, doing great work, and indulging in plenty of downtime.

Until now.

Because when we work together, you’ll make the lasting inner shifts that make it easy for you to:

  • Radically increase your income while decreasing your work hours
  • Raise your prices and attract more of your best clients
  • Know where to put your focus and time for maximum results
  • Enjoy heaps more personal freedom and leisure time
  • Fall madly in love with your business all over again… every single day

For the last 7 years, I’ve been helping hundreds of people just like you blast through old beliefs and limitations so they easily achieve the level of income and success they want.

Not by implementing more strategies and working harder, but by making the inner shifts that give them the freedom and confidence to turn their biggest vision into a reality.

If you’re a successful business owner who feels stuck and unable to reach that next level of profitability and success… and if you’re starting to suspect that the solution is not outside of you but lies inside of you… let’s talk.

Nina Cooke
Go from stuck to unstoppable success...Let’s Talk
Rob Goyette

“It was only after having a session with Nina to clear my blocks around earning more money that I started seeing a big change in my income. That very next month, I earned twice what I’d earned in any month prior to that. And the month after that, I increased my record month by another whopping 30%. In January of 2020, I hired Nina to coach me for an entire year and had my first 7-figure year thanks to her mindset coaching! Thank You Nina!"

- Rob Goyette

Challenge: Inconsistent income flow

Patrick Storth

After applying what I’ve learned over the past couple of sessions, I can’t believe the results I’m seeing with my own eyes!

First, I’m no longer feeling uncomfortable or intimidated and "inferior" reaching out to Private Equity contacts. With my new mindset, I can feel the increase in my confidence in my voice when I speak with them.

Next, I’m setting myself up for more success in sales calls. Our work together has created more confidence than I’ve previously experienced, and the result is me being unbelievably more assured of myself when I do get someone on the phone.

- Patrick Stroth
Janelle Holden

Before working with Nina, I was struggling with the decision to step up and take a risk in my business or play it safe. What I didn't realize is that I had a lot of unseen mindset blocks that were keeping me from earning more money and playing big.

While working with Nina, we uncovered the money blocks that I was unable to see on my own, and cleared many limiting beliefs that were holding me back. As a result, I had my first multiple six-figure year in business, brought on a team and a business partner, grew tremendously and raised my rates.

Plus, I finally felt like I had put my money story behind me and could freely and clearly move forward into a new place without fear. Nina is a genius at helping people see what's really been holding them back from abundance, and then clearing it together. I highly recommend working with her!

- Janelle Holden CEO DeFY Sales LLC, United States

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